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Whitlock, 70, of Merrimack NH, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in September. He returned to Denver in and made three mining expeditions to Mexico.

The music department moved to the University Center for the Arts upon its opening in Charles Carolan of Weimar concelebrating the funeral mass. Individuals use the principles of finance to set long-term financial goals and to make personal investment decisions.

Its dispersal to meet need and want was entrusted to the Trustees of the Colorado Masons Benevolent Fund. He returned to the ministry of Methodism inand both Denver Lodge No.

Sofka both pictured at left. The spring term provided the first true college-level instruction. Heine and son Adolph Douglas Heine who were killed instantly Monday morning when the car in which they were riding was struck by the east-bound Southern Pacific limited. It is fltting that two events of an educational nature should have been started during his term-the formation of The Research Lodge of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Masonic conference.

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Greenleaf of Denver, No. Hehr had pressed his foot on the brake, and although the engine was still running at full speed the car was standing still. A more charitable 'Mason' never stood before the altar of a Masonic Lodge, and a more genial miner never prospected the Wasatch and Oquirrh mountains in Utah or superintended a mine.

Hehr was almost a life-long resident of this city and section.

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Hehr had gone in his service car to LaGrange that afternoon to carry a passenger. Engineering and Applied Sciences — Engineering, math, science classes, currently undergoing a massive expansion. Born at Weimar Oct. Heinrich had suffered a paralytic stroke several months ago which left him in a weakened condition.

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Paul Piepenbrok Lutheran minister, officiating. He was private secretary to the first Territorial Governor, first Speaker of the House of Representatives in Colorado, and secretary of the convention which met to frame a constitution for the organization of the state government.

This good woman was soon gathered into the arms of her Savior, there to meet and greet loved ones who had gone on before. In Masonry he was particularly distinguished for his authorship and production of several Masonic dramas, for his astute comments as head of the correspondence committee of the Grand Lodge, and for his proficiency in the ritualism of the Red Cross of Constantine.

Arthur of Columbia, No. Mantz is the grandson of Andrew Armstrong, Grand Chaplain for many years before the turn of the century. Our sincere condolences to Stan's friends and his wife Carolyn and their family. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. At Globelink Foreign Language Center in Colorado Springs we offer English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to a variety of students of all ages and backgrounds. Our ESL instructors are accredited and highly experienced, and we are able to tailor any ESL program to your needs.

Building Great Business Writing The first lesson in this module introduces the Effective Communication specialization, the capstone project, and the Business Writing course.

You'll meet the writing instructor, Dr.

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Quentin McAndrew, and her counterparts Dave Underwood and Professor William Kuskin, who teach Graphic Design and Successful Presentation. Colorado State University (also referred to as Colorado State, State, and CSU) is a public research university located in Fort Collins, in the U.S.

state of university is the state's land grant university, and the flagship university of the Colorado State University System.

The current enrollment is approximately 33, students, including resident and non-resident instruction. The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) is a campus of the University of Colorado system, the state university system of Colorado.

As of FallUCCS has over 12, undergraduate and 1, graduate students, with 32% ethnic minority students. For public universities in the Master's Universities-West category it was ranked 6th. It has been ranked in the top ten on that list each. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

students can save up to 30% on tuition because they won’t have to pay for the classes they test out of. There’s no additional cost for the exams and no penalty if a student fails to pass.* Colorado Springs, CO

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